3rd tallest Pakistani man welcomed wherever he goes

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

FOR Bilal Haider, the third tallest Pakistani at a height of 7 ft 6 in, visiting Dubai is one of the most exciting and memorable events in his life. A fast-paced life with people from all over the world, a large number of skyscrapers, and many fascinating things hooked him since he set foot in the city two weeks ago.
Haider, residing in Khairpur Mirus in the Sindh Province of PakBilal-2istan with his family, the third of six siblings, has a family of normal height. He recently completed his Higher School Certificate with the challenge of being a tall person, not just in his classroom, but also his city. He spent most of his time inside the house.
Talking to The Gulf Today whilestaying in a local hotel in Deira, Haider said that this was his second visit to Dubai, and he’s receiving a huge response from everyone.
“Wherever I go, people meet with warm smiles and stop me to have a photo with them. I like the city and the people. It is a unique melting pot, seeing people from every nook and corner of the world at one place,” he said.
He is the third tallest Pakistani after Naseer Soomro (7 ft, 9 in) and Ijaz Ahmad (7 ft, 8 in) and both are from different parts of Sindh province. There are also a couple of others at a height of 7 ft or more in Pakistan but as Haider is still young (22 years) there is a chance he may grow a bit more, until the age of 24, and secure the top position as the tallest Pakistani man.
Haider has also been facing some challenges, especially while travelling.
“In airplanes, only seats near the emergency…
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on December 8, 2015.

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