Think Pakistan Think!

PAKISTAN a country with everything but not have not importance to a human being especially those who are responsible to save others.
The picture published (Nov 24) in local UrRandom Read1du newspaper in Karachi and caption said that a bomb disposal expert disarming a bomb found in a local parking lot.
The most worrying
and same time
laughing thing is
that the gentleman
who is an expert from Bomb Disposal
Squad (if we have one?) equipped ONLY with a ‘safety vest’ & ‘P-Cap’ to dispose

bb cc a ‘live bomb’.
In the ubiquity of news sources surrounding all of us knew that a bomb disposal officer has to protect himself first with a proper ‘Bomb Suit’ known as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) suit to disarm any explosive threat.aabb
Is this a joke or what? Suppose this guy disposing a “real bomb” then what about his own safety?
In a country where we (not ordinary people but our ‘white cows’ in power corridors) have abundance money to spend on everything from transport, infrastructure, private castle, fleet of most expensive cars, etc., but yet to give proper attention to those who are in the fields to protect their fellow citizens.
Here one can see especially our Pakistanis officials that how ‘bomb disposal officers’ disarm a bomb?
Think Pakistan Think before too late!

~ by jamilkhan on November 24, 2015.

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