Tavel: Dublin 2015-VI

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Outstanding talent

BEING a tour guide for a historical place is one thing but enlightening daily hundreds of multi-national visitors about thousands of rare relics verbally is more than outstanding.
James Meehan was one such tour guide I met while visiting one of the prominent place, Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland, recently to attend the 4-day Bram Stoker Festival & Irish Design 2015 Press Trip hosted by Tourism Ireland.
A retired police officer, served the force for over 30-years, being volunteering as guide at the library which is housed over hundreds of thousands of items like manuscripts, prints, icons, miniature paintings, early printed books cultural and religion relics of prominent religions while collectible items like swords, dresses and like such items collected by American-Irish Chester Beatty who travelled all over the world.
I’m sure all those who are avid traveler must encounter some sort of tour guides but only a few have such talent to left an impression on visitors. James Meehan was one of them who seem remember the history of three prominent religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam besides hundreds of rare items being displayed at the exhibition. The unusual quality was that during the over 2-hour tour he never consult a printed document as his gestures were reflecting his inner satisfaction to enlighten the tourists.
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on November 21, 2015.

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