A tribute to Ishtiaq Ahmad

ISHTIAQ AHMAD, one of the great writers who produced over 800 books for children in Urdu, has died on Nov 17, 2015 in Karachi. He was 72. The news made millions Ishtiaq Ahmadof Urdu lovers sad and the different platforms of social media had seen the news shared thousands of times.
I was one of millions of his fans who read his books in the sweet period people called childhood and admired his style but unfortunately never had a chance to meet in personal even though the desire was always deep in my heart.
Even though the desire is still alive to see many others writers who made my childhood fascinating to introduce heroic characters through their novels while after more than two decades the memory of there ‘Karnamy’ (achievements) still alive and more importantly bring smile on my lips in the quietness of lonely days and nights.Random Read1
The young generation of ’70s, ’80s and ’90s grown up to read books like spy novels by writers like Ishtiaq Ahmad (Inspector Jamshed Series, Kamran Series & Shoki Series besides many others), A Hameed (Ambar, Naag Aur Maria Series), Ibn-e-Safi (Imran Series), Mazhar Kaleem (Imran Series) and many more books and writers.
It is our duty to remember these people who not only serve the Urdu language to wrote hundreds of books in different genres while made the lives of young children more interesting to introduce amazing books.
There are always room to do something concrete to acknowledge prominent writers, poets, social workers and all those who somehow serve the society in their life times.
I have been in the newspaper industry for the last 20 years and started reading a decade earlier. Unfortunately news/columns/reports about the prominent literary people got some space only after they died.
This should not be practiced anymore.
This small obituary is my contribution and praying Almighty Allah to help us all.

~ by jamilkhan on November 18, 2015.

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