Tavel: Dublin 2015-IV

Marino 15 - birth place of Bram StokerBy Jamil Khan | Nov 10, 2015

Dracula, a single name representing the blood-sucking Count brought into the light by Irish writer Bram Stoker in 1897 is still being celebrated by holding a 4-day packed festival to acknowledge the writer through a series of events. Freemason Hall
Last week, hundreds of people in Dublin who love the writer and his creation were part of the series of events held as 4 Days of Living Stories & 4 Nights of Deadly Adventures that showcased for the visitors from all over the world an inspired programme of events.
Under the shadow of Halloween hovering over Dublin, the series of events were more than enough to make one scared. The frightening stories shared by a group of speakers from the literary world to professionals as part of the ‘Total Nightmare’ in the main hall of Freemason’s Grand Lodge in the city was attended by a large number of the people. Prominent members of society including Matthew Jebb (Botanic Gardens), Dr Jason McElligott (Marsh’s Library), Roisin Agnew (Guts Magazine), Will St Leger (activist and artist) and Dr Elizabeth McCarthy also attended.
The nightmarish accounts of the speakers shared were personal experiences from apprehension by police for a crime they didn’t commit, a romantic tragedy, to the frightening visits of hostel wardens at night. Freemason Great Lodge1
The speakers shared their scary stories while some guests including young girls were present in Halloween dresses to make the atmosphere more frightening. Freemason Great Lodge2
Throughout the 4-day festival activities from sharing scary stories to setting up vibrant and colourful large-scale murals and installations to transform the city into a cheerful place for hundreds of thousands
The 2-hour event in the century-old building was also strange as the management allowed the participants of ‘Total Nightmare’ to feel free and explore the other parts of the building known for its secrecy. For many it was a lifetime opportunity to see the life-size paintings and other installations, booklets and religious wall hangings and they took hundreds of photos with their mobile phones.
The other prominent events as Bram Stoker Festival were fun-filled activities at Stokerland which opened its gates for families and the young at heart for a day of macabre thrills and gothic fun. The venue offered plenty of attractions like world class street-performers and chainsaw-juggling, fire-breathing, spooky makeovers, tin-plate photo portraits in period dresses, screen-printing with Damn Fine Print and many more.
However, the festival was a great tribute to Bram Stoker through the series of events spread all over the city in which Dubliners as well as people from other parts of the world were seen enjoying.
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on November 10, 2015.

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