‘Transformers’ performance thrills visitors at local mall

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

VISITORS at one of the busiest shopping destinations in Sharjah were thrilled to witness the outstanding and spellbound performances by their favourite Transformer while children had a great time snapping pictures to show their passion for their favourite characters.
The series of performances organised by the Sahara Centre for their visitors, comprised young children and families getting closer to their favourite Transformer and being a part of their performances held at the main atrium.
The series of events are held once a week at the Sharjah’s leading retail and leisure centre to host Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, along with their arch-rival Megatron, from the highly successful Transformers blockbuster movie franchise. Transformers Sahara Centre 2 (2)
Pierre Semaan, marketing manager, Sahara Centre, told The Gulf Today that the new series of shows have been admired by outlet visitors as there is always something new to thrill them.
“The visitors are our great assets and throughout the year we are organising different shows to provide them a chance to spend their quality time in the mall while shopping and enjoying the array of facilities set up to benefit them,” he said, adding that “during the last one year after the opening of new expansion with over 100 retail shops and other facilities, around 35 per cent increase in footfall was recorded.”
Regarding the current show, it was highlighted that Transformers, created in 1984 by Hasbro and based on a toy designed by Takara, has been delighting children for more than thirty years. The latest movie incarnations of the franchise have taken the excitement to a whole new level, winning them a new generation of young fans.
Having travelled especially from their planet Cybertron, Optimus and Bumblebee would both love to meet people from earth… as would the dastardly Megatron. Children wanting an introduction to their two Transformer heroes, as well as the villainous Decepticon leader, will find them each evening from 5-10pm at Restaurant Area, 2nd floor, East Atrium.

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-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on November 8, 2015.

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