Tavel: Dublin 2015-III

Joyce’s Sweny is same after over 100 years
Val O’Donnell, a volunteerBy Jamil Khan
ULYSSES by James Joyce has been acknowledged as one of the great modern literature work published 1922 and after so many years, it is still being concede as a remarkable work and famous among the literary personalities throughout the world. The book has been recognized as one of the great novel among 100 great English literary works of all time. Sweny facade1
Visiting Dublin to attend a 4-day Bram Stoker Festival and Irish Design activities, we were invited to visit the Sweny’s Pharmacy, a drug store featured in James Joyce’s Ulysses with every details chronicle in the book.
The pharmacy which was one of the busy drug store in Joyce times is still stand to this day and being run by a group of volunteers to provide a historical background to the visitors of Dublin. The visitors find the pharmacy as it was described in Ulysses when Leopold Bloom, the hero of the Ulysses, visiting the shop to buy a lemon-scented soap for his wife.
The pharmacy was built in 1847 and still preserved in memory of James Joyce. As one enters into the shop it seems he not cross the door frame but a whole century as each and every object in the shop perfectly reflecting June 16, 1904 when Leopold Bloom entered into the shop and find the bottles, racks of lemon-scented soap, old photographs, tools of pharmacy and other things scatteanother volunteer at Swenyred all over the vicinity.
“For the last couple of years, a group of volunteers have been running this pharmacy which is preserved in the memory of James Joyce. Throughout the week, we are hold various reading sessions and being attending by visitors to read chapters from Joyce’s books including Ulysses, Dubliners and Finnegans Wake which remind them to enjoy the legacy of Joyce,” said Val O’Donnell, a volunteer.
According to our tour guide Mick Langan, visitors throughout the year visiting the pharmacy and to provide more thrill to them at the Sweny’s while attending the reading sessions of the Joyce’s work, some of the volunteers dress up in the same clothes people used to wore in 1904 and saw the characters of the Ulysses while roaming the city. “The book is a complete chronicle record of Dublin city through the eyes of the characters of the Ulysses experienced in their 18-hour of time on June 16, 1904. There is recorded that James once said that you can recreate the Dublin through this book as every detail of the city’s life was real from its pubs, houses, shops and others,” he told.

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