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Experiencing history

Dolly Mount BeachBy Jamil Khan | Nov 02, 2015

DUBLIN, the capital city of Ireland, is full of architectural marvels from the Georgian and Victorian eras that blend with the modern structures. Throughout the city, one can admire centuries-old churches, public buildings, institutes, modern and traditional modes of transport as well as statues that depict stories of the past.Trinity College 11
This was what we experienced while visiting the city on Bram Stoker & Irish Design Press Trip hosted by Tourism Ireland. The four-day tour to explore the city started with an early morning flight on Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi Airport. The Business Class travel experience — from the posh lounge to the hospitality of the staff throughout the 8-hour flight — was wonderful.
During the 4-day tour, our small group that comprised of three Trinity College 4journalists and a tour guide, experienced a number of events centered on the popular Bram Stoker Festival and attended a series of events for Irish Design (ID2015) that took place at various locations.Chester Beatty Library3-a device to locate true position of Ka'baTrinity College 2
The first stop was to explore the Chester Beatty Library inside the unique Dublin Castle. The library is also an art museum and housed a great collection of artifacts like manuscripts, miniature paintings, prints, drawings, rare books and some decorative pieces donated by Sir Alfred Chester Beatty.
The New York born Sir Beatty collected these hundreds of items during his various tours around the world across Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe and donated them to Irish authorities.
The first floor holds the ‘artistic tradition’ items, reading room and a place for temporary exhibitions. The second floor showcases ‘sacred traditions’ in which hundreds of rare manuscripts, centuries old copies of religious books, artifacts and paintings of Christianity, Judaism and Islam attract hundreds of visitors every day. Among the artifacts from the Middle East are centuries old manuscripts of the Holy Quran.
Other attractions within the premises include the gift and bookshop, Silk Road Café, audio-visual presentations, roof garden and more.The Little Museum
Visiting the 16th century Trinity College, a complex of buildings serving as one of the pioneer academic institutes, was another unforgettable experience. The college founded in 1592 and is one of the seven ancient universities of Britain and Ireland. The library boasts of over 500,000 books lined up in two-storey high shelves across the huge hall.
Those who studied in the historical university include Jonathan Swift, George Berkeley, Edmund Burke, WilliamCongreve, Edward Hincks, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Dionysius Lardner, Bram Stoker, William Rowan Hamilton, ET Whittaker, Ernest Walton and many more.Malahide Castle1The Little Museum-U2 exhibition2
The exhibition of the ‘Book of Kells’, A Night Life2Freemason Hallan illuminated manuscript Gospel in Latin was a unique attraction. The sacred manuscript has been termed as a masterwork of ‘Western calligraphy’ and represents the pinnacle of Insular illumination (name of a style of art produced in the post-Roman history of the British Isles) as well as widely regarded as Ireland’s finest national treasure.
Dublin has so much to see. From parks to museums, streets lines with restaurants and cafes, each telling a Chester Beatty Library2story of the place.
The Little Museum, a three storey Georgian House located on St. Stephen’ Green is small, but every corner of the museum is filled with objects, photographs, paintings, household items and daily life objects highlighting Dublin in the 20th Century. The objects, donated by the citizens of Dublin, chronicle life and the turn of events both socially and politically, from the time of its independence from the Empire to more recent occasions.
The museum has also dedicated a section to exhibit the rock band U2’s records, photographs, insignias and other memorabilia.Malahide Castle2
The guided tour of the magnificent 12th century Malahide Castle and Gardens was unforgettable. The castle, one of the oldest in Ireland, is set on 260 acres and was home to the Talbot family for over 800 years.
The Malahide Castle has a long and rich history and played a central role in Medieval Irish history. The Chester Beatty Library1building was notably enlarged during the reign of Edward IV, with the towers added in circa 1600-1650. The huge garden makes walking through the castle more relaxing. The picturesque maritime village, Malahide, designated a Heritage Town, attracts both Dubliners and tourists to enjoy the local ambiance.
Other green spaces in the city include Phoenix Park, St Stephen’s Green Park, a couple of golf courses, pristine beaches and tree-lined roads.
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