Tavel: Dublin 2015-I

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland
icc1DUBLIN, one of the most cultural city and has worship places to all major religion. Visiting a sacred place like mosque as tourist is one of rare experience I have to see the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland in Dublin recently.
The presence of a yellow bricked building with brown shades throughout its façade to attached tall structure of prominent minaret and dome was uncommon for many tourists.
During the recent visit to attend the 4-day Bram Stoker & Irish Design Press Trip hosted by Tourism Ireland I visited the mosque to see what this Centre is offering to the local Muslim community. Through this centre, a wide range of services available for the Muslim community comprising faithful from various countries like Malaysia, Somalia, Pakistan, South Africa as well as from Ireland itself.icc3
The Islamic Centre with various facilities housed a praying hall as the whole facility was designed by Michael Collins & Associates who won an award for their magnificent design in 1997 from the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.
The construction of Islamic Centre in Dublin was completed in 1996 with the funding of Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and according to the officials, next icc2year the management of the centre is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary to hold a series of events.
The ICCI facilitates comprises of various services for community including marriage services, translation services of birth certificates, marriage certificates and academic documents; bookfair & bazaar with a wide selection of Arabic books, literature and fiction covering Dawah, Islamic and Social Education; Seminar Room to host meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences that are either organized by the ICC administration or other organizations. The Mortuary is to conduct all the procedures of Muslim funerals while the Multipurpose Hall and other such facilities are also set up for the Muslim community within the centre.
The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland has also opened Human Appeal Clothes Bank and Islamic Relief Clothes Bank as the collection of recyclable clothes aims at providing clothing to people living in extreme poverty.
The community in Dublin also actively participating in the series of events being organizing by the Centre to engage them with the aim of bond with Islamic teachings.

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