Urdu – A rolling stone

LANGUAGE is one of the civilized ways of communication, identity and pride. Nations around the world have their own such identities. In Pakistan, we are after more than 68 years of independence are yet to determine the true value of the language.
During the last couple of months, more precisely after the court passed a ruling and asked government to adopt Urdu on every level.Random Read1
We as a nation yet to understand the true value of national language and never miss a chance to demonstrate our mere ego on any front.
Recently a film ‘Manto’ released and acclaimed huge applause from various quarters of the society to made a film and record the history around one of the prominent Urdu writer, Saadat Hasan Manto.
Unfortunately the film has not qualified true justice especially with the character of Chaudhry Muhammad Hussain which was totally unfair.
According to a recent column, Hussain a worker of Punjab Press during 50s had not allowed many stories written by Manto and declared immoral for the society. Hussain was also mentor to Allama Iqbal’s family till his death. He was not to be portrayed in such villain character.
The other sad incident related to Urdu was the last week a cricket match played between England and Pakistan in Abu Dhabi, UAE. A Pakistan born English player Moeen Ali who knew the language very well had ‘passed’ all the information he listen to his team skipper while on the field. His ‘espionage’ resulted the drawn of the match which was easily be won by Pakistani team.
Isn’t interesting? In home we are blasting who ever serve Urdu and overseas others taking advantages to know the language.

~ by jamilkhan on October 22, 2015.

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