Al Jalila Centre draws on Emirati heritage

12313By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

TO enhance and hone the skills of young children, Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children (AJCCC) has started a wide range of courses with the core aim of motivating young children and equipping them with the right tools. The first term which began from Sept.19 and will run till Dec.12 includes children from different nationalities and backgrounds in Dubai.
In a media tour on Monday, the officials at the AJCCC gave a briefing on the ongoing operation and the philosophy the centre is founded upon.AJCCC-2
Shaima Khoory, managing director, said, “The AJCCC is founded on the belief that culture is essential to understanding both ourselves and the world in which we live today. The overall aim is to enrich the cultural lives of children and prepare them to welcome their future. The Centre offers a safe, joyous and creative environment for children and their families that draws on Emirati and Arab cultural heritage, the creativity, vision and expertise of renowned artists and other professionals, and the dynamism of the world that unfolds around them,” she said.
Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children’s mission is to develop future leaders by providing a cultural…
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on October 20, 2015.

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