Need to change rulers, not public!

FIRST Muharram, the beginning of the Muslim Hijri calendar, has been an important day in the Muslim history. As the day began, the ‘Social media Jihadis’ regardless of their nationalities, colours and languages had a field day to share posts, tagging friends with every passing by posts as every single post was about Hazrat Umar (RA), the 2nd KhalRandom Read1ifa of Muslims.
People like me found all these posts, SMS, articles and other such circulating material (columns) were very surprising as the moral of all such posts was to criticizing the governments and rulers in Muslim countries and ‘demanding’ them to be like him. These Jihadis also highlighted the rules & laws introduced by Hazrat Umar (RA) and asked Muslim governments to implement in their countries.
Unfortunately, no one was highlighting that Hazrat Umar (RZ) before becaming Khalifa was also a great exemplary Muslim who proved himself many times so while spending his life according to Islam.
The irony is we want our leaders to act like him but unfortunately have no desire to be a good Muslim by ourselves.
Isn’t our duty of each individual to first embrace Islam fully which reflect our lives according to the teachings of Islam as delivered by Holy Prophet (PBUH) and then asked our governments to do so.
After all rulers are being selecting by the individuals.

~ by jamilkhan on October 18, 2015.

One Response to “Need to change rulers, not public!”

  1. Because mostly Muslim are ‘by chance’ not ‘by choice’?

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