Ah! Kulkarni In BLACK

FRONT PAGES of all leading newspapers on Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015, had once again proved the ancient Japanese proverb of ‘A picture is worth over 1000 words’ to print a photo of Sudheendra Kulkarni with his black painted face while hosting the book launch ceremony in Mumbai.Random Read1
The book author former Pakistan minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri had attended the ceremony as Sudheendra Kulkarni chairman of the Observer Research Foundation Mumbai hosted the event in the wake of threats from the workers from Shiv Sena who later attacked him and painted his face with black paint.
The present government led by PM Narendra Modi who has been known for his views against Muslims and Pakistan seem to take any sensibleaction. The incident according to LK Advani “the attackers of Shiv Sena did not painted black the face of Kulkarni but of India” and the remarks printed in some section of the press were more true that “…..they behave like Desi (domestic) Taliban of India”.
This current episode of events from different hardliners Indian toward the Pakistan has showed that those who are in Pakistan wishing to given Indian the status of ‘most favourable nation’ should think twice better thrice.
Is it irony of the fate that the governments in India during the past couple of years leaving no stone unturned to promote so-called slogans ‘rising India’, ‘shining India’, etc… but fanatics like Shiv Sena are also working on their agenda to make the line between Muslims and Hindus more visible and hold the division permanently.
You can not change someone’s nature.

~ by jamilkhan on October 14, 2015.

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