Model Ayan vs VIP Ayan!

KARACHI University student who invited Ayan Ali to address a seminar has been dispelled from the university after a disciplinary action sought recently.
The model who got huge fanfare fame recently in 4-months than spending years to catwalks on ramps and appeared on TV to model over a dozen products for viewers in Pakistan.
According to media reports, the Dubai-born model who spent three months in jail after caught $500,000 cash in her luggage in March before boarding Dubai-bound flight from Islamabad. Since then, she was treated like high-profile personality not only by print and electronic media but also by the officials of jail even though she proved to be one of them who are ruling the system and bending it in their favours since the inception of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Random Read1
She was appeared before the judges a dozen times in 4 months as every time it took her ‘guardians’ to spend a hefty amount of approximately Rs170,000 on her preparation before every court appearance.
The case of Ayan Ali vs Pakistan Customs (or one of government’s agency) has once again reveal the weaknesses of current judicial system in which a common person caught after wrongdoing to face harsh realities but if one is backed by former minister/senator/….? will be treated as a VIP and to provide his/her own helping staff, meal, facility of make-up, etc.,
Unfortunately, neither “Turum Khans” from civil society nor from other segments of the society have raised their eye brows (online Jihadis on Twitter/Facebook are excluded).
Does it mean “sub chalta hai”?

~ by jamilkhan on October 7, 2015.

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