After Hitler, Who Is Next?

LAST week, as part of a movie set, the filmmaking crew has unfurled a huge Nazi flag on a building in Nice, France and got massive anger from the residents and from tourists as well. The confusion WAS created after the unfurling of a gigantic Nazi flag on Palais de la Prefecture in Nice as neither the city administration nor the crew issued warning about the building being using a set for a WWII film.random read
The situation in which many resented the local authorities while many had a good opportunity to take selfies showed one thing very clearly that the hate against Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party who ruled the Germany is still alive among the people especially in the West.
The crime related to Hitler including the ‘genocide’ of Jews is one of many as people since his death in 1945 not naming their children before him neither in Germany nor in any part of the Europe.
There were many rulers from dictators to kings to democratic-elected in the past six decades around the world killed more than Hitler did according to the history books (but more from the Hollywood movies) but there names are still exist. Parents in the East as well as in the West have been naming their children and we heard and read daily in our conversation or through different modes of media.
I have been wondering whose name after Hitler will be vanished in the next couple of years along with sweeping so much hate as rulers still in present times causing suffering for millions.

~ by jamilkhan on October 1, 2015.

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