Addictions… need to address

SELFIES, taking picture by self, is one of the menaces we are facing all around us. Just couple of months ago (not years) people start taking notice of this trend and the fast penetration of social media pushes this trend with rocket speed.
Recently there were two disturbing reports in the international media got the attention, one was about 12 people were died due to failed selfies in 2015 so far. Less than the numbers who were killed by sharks in the same time. Now the trend entered into the phase of addiction. People regardless of their places taking selfies and are in the impression of recording their presence by taking a photo but random readforgetting to not showing any respect to their surroundings i.e. media shared people taking selfies while performing Hajj rituals.
The other disturbing trend we noticed the disrespect toward the sacrificial animals. Either it was any mode of social media or national media, people were seen sharing ridiculous things related to sacrificial animals.
May Almighty Allah give us enough strengthen to save ourselves and our children from these bad trends.–Ameen

~ by jamilkhan on September 27, 2015.

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