Clerics urge residents to donate for Yemen

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

CLERICS, speaking during the Friday prayers sermons, encouraged residents to be empathetic by digging into their pockets and contributing towards the charity initiated by the government to benefit thousands of needy brethren in Yemen.
“Charity is always a tremendous deed in the lives of Muslims and if it is related to a neighbouring country or another, its reward is unprecedented. We should not hold back in this ongoing campaign to contribute and mitigate the plight of the people of Yemen, which is a result of the war faced by the country. We should donate whatever extra item we have. Even one dirham will not be forgotten before The Almighty Allah,” said the day’s preacher at the Qanat Al Qasba Mosque.
He highlighted the horrific images, that have been making rounds in the media, and news of suffering around the world in which Muslims are facing different predicaments like displacement, death, among others.
He asked the audience to donate as much as they could, emphasising that a single dirham can make a difference in the lives of people suffering in Yemen. “There are many easy ways to contribute. One can donate by SMS on his mobile phone,” he said.
The Imam has also highlighted the importance of charity using Quranis verses and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
Last week the government initiated the “Yemen: We Care” campaign. People, all over the country, have contributed more than Dhs140 million through different platforms like using their mobile phones, visiting UAE-Red Crescent offices and online.
-Published in The Gulf Today

~ by jamilkhan on September 5, 2015.

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