Eid is about meeting, greeting over lavish meals

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

THE Pakistani community residing in the UAE has been celebrating the Eid Al Fitr along with their Muslim brethren in the Middle East with religious enthusiasm. Muslims in the Middle East celebrated the first day of Eid on July 17 while in many South Asian countries and other parts of the world, the Eid festive started yesterday.
Talking to The Gulf Today, a number of Pakistani community members shared their activities which ranged from religious congregations to fun with family and friends, as part of the celebrations that are a reward from the Almighty Allah after the month-long fasting. Aziz Khan
Aziz Khan who is from Miranshah, North Waziristan, has been living in the UAE for over 7 years. Besides meeting friends and people from the same village residing in the UAE, Khan had special arrangements to invite some of his friends for dinner.
“Usually people from the same villages and towns, residing in the UAE, meet at their community’s ‘Deiras’ (male meeting rooms) just like me and people from my village have been gathering at one such place in Hor Al Anz in Dubai ahead of Eid prayers. It is a great event for every Muslim and just like individuals, families have their own way of celebration,” he said.
He pointed that after offering their Eid prayer along with other community members theySyed Tabish Zaidi returned to their ‘Deiras’ where a lavish feast was ready to kickstart the celebrations. “To support and show our affection towards the host, most of the male members contribute for the food. Everybody has to pay between Dhs60 to Dhs100 and the food bought is enough take us through the whole day and to be served to over 200 people,” he said.
Communities from different parts of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, living in the UAE, have the same practice. These ‘Deiras’ are the common meeting places for particular families. “At every such single place, the host has to attend over 250 people and the community has a place where to meet all the friends, relatives and colleagues. Everyone knows where to go in when they want to meet someone,” Khan added.
Syed Tabish Zaidi and Fareha Tabish, residents of Dubai for a long time, are some of those who have a vast social circuit of family members, friends and colleagues to enjoy the Eid in a memorable fashion.Fareha Tabish
“Eid Al Fitr in Dubai has its own flavour of enjoyment with a large number of friends, colleagues and relatives. Just like us, most of the community members offered the Eid prayers at Pakistan Academy Mosque in Oud Metha which is one of the best places in Dubai for one who wants to meet a large number of other community members,” Tabish said.
The couple pointed that after the Eid prayers, most of their relatives such as their cousins and their families gather at one place where the ladies engage in preparing fresh mouth-watering dishes and serving the guests. Children on the other hand, take it as an opportunity to fill their pockets with Eidi (gift money) from elders. “Eid is to meet and greet relatives over food and have fun. The other most important part of the day is to chat online with parents and siblings in Pakistan, as everyonZahaib Nabeele is eager to showcase their new clothes while ladies prefer to share their new henna designs over the internet,” the couple said.
Zahaib Nabeel, who has been living in Dubai for over five years, spent Eid in a different way. “Like everyone else, we had Eid prayers in a grand congregational site where we not only met community members to share the Eid greetings but also had the chance to see old friends and colleagues. Eid is all about sharing the blessings with others while fulfilling the promises to visit the relatives’ houses and enjoy their company while sharing latest news on sports and politics,” he said.
Nabeel pointed out that the tradition to start the Eid day with homemade delicious Sheerkhorma (sweet vermicelli) is always observed. He says the sweet dish is always the starter of the Eid festival.
– Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | July 19, 2015

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