Differently-abled team gives back to society

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

IN THE spirit of giving back to society, many small and prominent companies in the country are showcasing a wide range of activities involving their staff to support deserving people in the communities.
Like last year, the Desert Group initiated its month-long activities as part of the “Ramadan Festival with Enable” to support 160 families with food boxes, and conducting visits to various families in the community.11

Ramadan festival
The firm’s Enable project, known for its wide range of gardening related products and solutions, is a CSR initiative which comprises more than two dozen people with special needs serving in different departments. This ranges from in-house activities to gardening and taking part in a wide range of workshops and training.
Reem Saeed Al Ghaith, CSR Manager of Desert Group, shared the details of “Ramadan Festival with Enable” with The Gulf Today on Saturday.

Religious lectures
“The staff, as part of the Enable programme along with other members, takes part in various activities, from distributing food boxes to attending religious lectures. Last year, we gave Iftar boxes to 100 families, and the target this year is 160 families,” she said.
The team from Enable has been taking part in weekly seminars and paying four weekly community visits to different places, including the elderly home, the children’s ward at Latifa Hospital, and Wahat Al Rushd Centre in Sharjah.
She pointed out that initially, they started the activities as part of the rehabilitation programme to create an opportunity for the team to experience the blessing of giving and helping as the Holy Month of Ramadan is the best time to practise that.
“Last year, the team did that for the very first time, and this had a huge impact on them intellectually and emotionally. We are continuing this exercise with the support of the management of Desert Group,” she added.
The “Family Iftar Box” consists of 2kg rice, 2kg flour, 2 family-size lentil bags, 1 family-size oil can, 2kg sugar and 4 cans of beans, distributed per household.

Dubai families
The boxes have been distributed among families in different areas including Al Najma, Satwa and Al Qusais in Dubai.
However, regarding the seminars, Reem Al Ghaith pointed out that “the weekly seminars are also important, as part of our rehabilitation programme to strengthen positive behaviour at work and at home or with the community in general. Each Wednesday, in collaboration with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, a scholar conducts a seminar about a certain topic like honesty, prayer, fasting, etc. The team is also encouraged to ask questions,” she said.
It was also mentioned that the seminars were attended by staff members, while people who have been following the company on Instagram had also been invited.

Social media
The Enable team has close ties with many entities as part of its rehabilitation programme.
“It is one of our ongoing strategies to engage with our community through social visits during certain occasions or participate in special events.
These social calls and events, like visiting families during Ramadan, are part of our awareness strategy to show how easy it is for them to be productive and engage with everyone,” she explained.
She pointed that the objective is to create awareness for the successful inclusion of people with different abilities in the workforce, raise their productivity, and highlight the importance of an inclusive culture.
-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | July 13, 2015

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