Children partner with charity to distribute Iftar

By Jamil Khan | SHARJAH

A GROUP of young children were part of the Socho Pakistan charity Iftar pack distribution team. Wearing radiant smiles on their faces, the group of young ones were busy helping the elders.
Talking to The Gulf Today, the children expressed their feelings about helping the underprivileged segment of the society and taking part in such community initiatives along with their elders. These children were part of the family members of the core committee of the Socho Pakistan body which organised the over 500 charity Iftar packs for labourers distributed in one of the major labour camps in Ajman.
Saif Afsar, a 10-year-old, was also fasting but displayed great enthusiasm about being part of the team that distributed the charity Iftar packs among
“It was exciting and a memorable experience to work with elders for a charity cause. These (labourers) are underprivileged people as my father taught us that we have to give others from whatever Almighty Allah gives us. Today I was fasting with my fifth ‘Roza’ (fast) in this month and it was a great day for me and for other my friends. We will come again to distribute charity Iftar packs whenever we have a chance,” he said.
Mustafa, 9, was also part of the team. He told by his father that they were going to serve the charity Iftar packs in a labour camp.
“I had no idea about what we were going to see as there were so many labourers. With the help of my father’s friends and Socho Pakistan team, we distributed hundreds of Iftar packs to them. We will not forget this day and will do such charity work again,” he said.
The student of Arab Unity School was excited to share his experience with friends especially in school to motivate others and encourage them to start charity work with the help of family members.
There were many who could not ignore the enthusiasm and joy on the face of a young 8-year-old girl, Ayesha Omar, seen actively distributing the Iftar packs among the labourers who lined up at the site.
“I was told about this activity by my father who brought me here.  I am happy to be here and work with them (Socho Pakistan team). This act of helping others bring us great happiness,” she told The Gulf Today.
She excitingly added that as soon as her school opens, she will share the details of this charity work with her classmates and encourage them to take part in such activities to help less privileged segments of the society.
Anwar Tayyeb, 7, was present along with his mother to distribute the charity Iftar packs among the labourers.
“Like other my friends, we were brought here at the labour camp. I really enjoyed and I am excited to help these people. It’s a good to help others. I will come again with my mother who is part of this team, doing charity work,” he said.
Yasir Chaudhry, one of the coordinators of the initiative, told The Gulf today that the idea to involve childen in charity work is to give them the chance to work for the underprivileged segment of our society. “If we do not teach them this then who will? Today these children saw us working on different stages of the charity work like packing, transportation and distribution and also happily took part in every activity,” he said.
-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | June 28, 2015

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