Acclaimed artist’s paintings auctioned at charity art show

By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

TWENTY-five paintings, including two made with a group of children with special needs, belonging to internationally acclaimed artist Hesham Malik went under the hammer last week and received a huge response.Hesham
The auction was organised by pioneer British auction house Sotheby’s and conducted by highly revered auctioneer Edward Rising at the One and Only Royal Mirage hotel in Dubai.
The sold-out and unique charity auction was attended by art lovers and art connoisseurs, who applauded the “Young Master’s” brilliant collection that was on display.
Seamlessly bringing together works of art and charity, Malik’s latest collection Espãrito is an ode to the ever-evolving spirit of life.
Rising, who has a wealth of experience in conducting auctions at top auction houses in the fine art world and the charity sector, said: “It was surprising to see the kind of response art attracts in Dubai. Hesham Malik does great work. I was extremely thrilled to chair the auction. Having conducted the auction for the first time in Dubai, the experience was quite different but it was beautiful meeting Hesham Malik and seeing his art in his presence.”
Responsible for selling millions of pounds of fine art over the past 25 years, Rising has worked for Sotheby’s for eight years and during the time he has chaired some of Sotheby’s most high profile auctions such as the collection of the late Gianni Versace, which he sold for £7,411,918.
The auction is a charitable initiative undertaken in collaboration with the Rashid Centre for the Disabled.  Proceeds from the auction will go towards charity for the children with special needs at the centre.
This exclusive event was organised by a Dubai-based art consultant, curator and collector Manisha Sugandh, supported by art curator Ayesha Imtiaz and in collaboration with The Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre.
In May, Malik visited the children at the Rashid Centre and painted 2 live canvases which also were a part of the Espãrito collection.
Malik’s latest collection Espãrito is an ode to the ever-evolving spirit of life.
To define Espãrito the first few words that come to one’s mind range from angel, energy, mystery to force. The event intends to showcase a wide range of illustrations for viewers. The main goal is to convey a visual representation of modern abstraction and art leading to the colours found in one’s heart.
“With the abstract, the enigma of art is revealed directly through a pictorial city in which naturalistic perceptions are transformed by the myriad processes and the beauty of its imagination” said Malik.
-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | June 08, 2015

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