‘Socho Pakistan’ goads UAE Pakistanis

JAMIL-Socho-Pakistan-1By Jamil Khan | DUBAI

OVERSEAS Pakistanis in the UAE, regardless of their professional background, should promote a more positive image of their country and leave no stone unturned to help others in their fields and provide them with skills and guidance.
Addressing the launch of “Socho Pakistan” (Think Pakistan) initiative, Irfan Afsar Awan said this platform will be a lighthouse for all expatriates from Pakistan to share their expertise and help their people.
The Socho Pakistan initiative is the brainchild of Pakistani expatriates in the UAE, providing their countrypersons with assistance in career building and improving on their professional skills in different fields as their national service toward their country.
The initiative was launched under the patronage of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Office of International Chapters in Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana, Dubai late on Friday evening and was attended by a large number of community members.
Awan highlighted the roadmap of “Socho Pakistan”, pointing out that through this platform, they will not only promote their country in the local community, but they will also provide better job opportunities for Pakistanis in different fields.
He urged community businessmen to create an environment for their workers to groom and hone their skills and keep the market trend so overseas Pakistanis don’t face any difficulties as time passes.
Shahid Hussain, deputy secretary of the international chapters, congratulated party workers based in the UAE on initiating this step to bring Pakistanis together on a single platform for a better country. He also encouraged the community to avail themselves of the party’s paid members to strengthen the organisational structure in the UAE’s overseas chapter.
“We are providing paid membership, as all these funds will be used as a routine expenditure of the party in Pakistan. Last year, we raised Rs14 million (Dhs802,080) and this year we are targeting Rs25 million (Dhs1,432,286) to make PTI self-sufficient with the support of millions of overseas Pakistanis spread all over the world,” he added.
He was also assured that five seats have been allocated for overseas Pakistanis in the Central Executive Committee of the party, where they can excel in contesting the upcoming elections.
Yasir Chaudhry, Maha Khan and other coordinators also highlighted the need of the initiative through their speeches, while the audience was given a chance to participate in various activities and share their ideas to spread the message to other communities in the UAE.
-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | June 06, 2015

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