Beauties from scrap


IMAGINE the windscreen panel of a luxury car as a coffee table or replicas of the iconic Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab hotels made with black sealant. Or dozens of stunning models of various objects such as a guitar, vase, robot, miniature motorcycle and so on. The creations, the handiwork of techniciaCAR4ns of two automobile dealerships, are on display at an ongoing exhibition in Dubai.
‘Creativity Recycled’ gives visitors a unique experience to see exotic objects made from scrap material and used auto parts. The exhibition is being organised by Al Tayer Motors, one of the UAE’s premier automobile dealerships, at its Sheikh Zayed Road showroom in Dubai and will last till June 4. CAR13 CAR1 CAR3 CAR2 CAR5 CAR6   CAR8 CAR7 CAR12
The artworks reflect the fertile imagination of a highly skilled workforce: technicians of Al Tayer Motors and Premier Motors. The workers crafted these models in their spare time as part of an in-house art competition which lasted two months. The competition, initiated for the first time by the management to further strengthen the teamwork of its workforce, resulted in an extraordinary range of objects being displayed for visitors.
The teams of technicians CAR10fashioned some spectacular creations such as a pair of swans created from a radiator, a bumper lower finisher, headlCAR9ight lenses, a door handle, mirror covers and parking sensors; a Burj Khalifa replica made from black sealant, valves, radiator core, shims and a drive belt; and a CAR11butterfly using a radiator grille, stop lamps, roof rail cable, airbag rod and a cam shaft, to name just a few examples.
The display area within the showroom not only showcases a wide range of the latest marques around the world but replicas of the Burj Al Arab, miniature vehicles, insects, flowers, birds, musical instruments, and robots. Nearly 400 technicians divided into 98 teams of Al Tayer Motors and Premier Motors from 11 locations across the UAE participated in a two-month-long contest to demonstrate their artistic abilities, by creating 98 art objects.
The technicians were between 27 and 30 years.  The teams in the competition designed the models without any professional training. They used only their talent as technicians and through painstaking efforts adopted the high-tech machinery to mould hard receptacles into their desired art pieces.
“The objects created have exceeded our wildest expectations in terms of engagement, enthusiasm among the teams, and have served to strengthen the spirit of teamwork,” said Boulos Massoud, general manager, aftersales, Al Tayer Motors. ‘Embodying diversity and quality, two of our core values, the competition has served to unleash the creativity hidden within our talented technicians, who have made these magnificent pieces of art that serve as a fantastic showcase of their talent, imagination and craftsmanship.’ Besides showcasing these objects for the visitors, the management encourages them to use their digital devices to vote for their five favourites from the entire collection. The creators of the top three works of art from the five finalists, chosen by an internal panel of judges, will be rewarded. Through various social media platforms, people are being informed about the ongoing ‘Creativity Recycled’ exhibition even as visitors flock in droves to admire the creativity of the talented technicians.
-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | May 25, 2015

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