Chaunsa & Sindrhi In Gulf

Traders assure local buyers about Pakistani mangoes

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 14, 2015

Dubai: Dubai is one of the biggest markets for the Pakistani mangoes as a majority of the people living in the Emirate like our Chaunsa and Sindrhi brands.
This was stated by Mohammad Afzal, Director MAA Trading Company, during an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today.
Major exporters of Pakistan mangoes to different Gulf countries based in Dubai’s Al Aweer Fruit Market are feaPakistani mangoesring about the delay in the shipment after the recent decision to ban wooden crates for exporting by local authorities in Pakistan.
“Usually the shipments arrive in the third week of May but still we are dealing with enquiries from various quarters about our mangoes as it shows that people are keenly waiting,” he added.
During the three-month mango season the Pakistani importers based in Dubai ship 2 million crates via over 130 ship-trips.
Since the decision was announced two weeks ago, the traders have discussed the issue with the Commercial Counsellor at the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai and other top officials and ministers to highlight the implications of the sudden announcement.
The traders who raised their concern were from Bukhamas Trading, Al Silla Al Amira Vegetables and Fruits, Ahmed Farhan and Vegetable Trading, Afsar and Khamas Trading, Mohammed Mattar Bin Lahej Trading, Mohammad Afzal Mohammad Ishfaq Trading and Mohammed Ansar Foodstuff Trading.
“In the last two weeks, we have been knocking every door to resolve this issue which will be a serious threat to Pakistani mangoes in the region. We have these three months of business and the local population in different Gulf countries are proved to be out best markets and help our country to generate million of rupees remittance for the national exchequer,” he pointed.
The traders pointed that hundreds of people will suffer due to this decision as well as crops worth million of rupees will perish in Karachi and other cities waiting to be packed and exported.
Summer is one of the most memorable periods of the year for many people, especially those who love the season’s fruits mainly mangoes, also known as ‘king of fruits’.
It is also mentioned that hundreds of people responsible for preparing wooden crates throughout the year for exporters are also suffering in different cities in Sindh and Punjab provinces where all the orchids of mangoes are situated.
A crate of Pakistani mangoes weighing 8-10kg could be available in the wholesale market for Dhs18-20 while a crate of 2 dozen Indian mangoes are being sold in the local market between Dhs28-Dhs35.
“There are people in Asian communities who are our dedicated customers for years and prefer Pakistani mangoes. We know families who buy our mangoes which are more delicious and affordable and could be enjoyed by the whole family at half the price compared to other available varieties in the market,” said Muhammad Hanif, another trader.

~ by jamilkhan on May 19, 2015.

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