Rashid Sports Festival 2015

Rashid Centre kids face off with showbiz
AMIL-Rashid-Festival-1By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 08, 2015

DUBAI: Differently-abled children from the Rashid Centre for the Disabled seemed to be in an extraordinarily good mood while playing against a team of showbiz personalities and different government and private organisations on Monday.
Two matches, one football and one basketball, were played between the teams of students of Rashid Centre and Al Nasr Club as part of the Rashid Sports Festival at Al Nasr Club premises on Monday. It was attended by a large number of dignitaries from various public and private organisations, parents as well as students from Rashid Centre.
Those who were present included Muhammad Rashid Bin Ghadir, Vice Chairman of the Board of Al Nasr Club, Ahmed Hashim Khoury, Board Member of Rashid Centre and Vice Chairman of the Board of Al Nasr Sports and members of the board of directors including Saqr Sultan Al Suwaidi, George Bshara, Mohammed Misbah Abdul Jalil and Dr Majd Naji.
The sports festival is an annual feature of the Centre in which students with different physical challenges demonstrate their sportsmanship in front of guests.
As part of the festival, different students with special needs performed various feats while some were part of the two teams which played football and a basketball match against teams comprising prominent public personalities.
“Our students at the Rashid Centre have been taking part in different sports activities for a long time at the annual festival. This year there has been collaboration with Al Nasr Club and other supporters. We expanded our horizon and invited a number of prominent personalities from Arab media, government and private organisations to form a team and play a friendly football match with our students. The result was great and brought joy to the faces of our students as well as the participants also had unforgettable memories,” Maryam Othman, Director General of the Rashid Centre, told The Gulf Today on Monday.
The officials who attended the festival were from Dubai Courts and Prosecution, Dubai Police, Dubai Airport and Al Nasr Club and others.
The media personalities from local as well as different Arab regions included Maryam Shams Kuwaiti, singer Herbal Aamri, Abdullah Al Khair, the Emirati singer. Many more took part in the football and basketball matches to enthral the special needs students.

~ by jamilkhan on May 13, 2015.

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