PAD World Labour Day

PAD highlights importance of good deeds, set to organise health camp

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Apr 30, 2015

DUBAI: A seminar titled “the importance of good deeds either small or big” was organised by the religious committee of the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), where the speakers urged the community members to pay equal importance to every deed, small or big, as life is a gift and an exam that has to be passed for a beautiful hereafter.
The speakers at the seminar, which saw the attendance of large number of PAD members and their families, were Abdul Qawi Luqman and Abdullah Adnan, secretary religious affairs of PAD.
“Good deeds may seem big or small, but in fact they all are an appropriate response to a situation such as helping the needy, caring for the elderly, self-restraint to save a relationship or friendship,” said Abdul Qawi Luqman.
He pointed that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave us a balanced system of life. With its emphasis on ibadat (acts of worship), Islam gives equal importance to Muamlat (human interaction and dealings). When informed about a woman who spent all the night in worship but was not good to her neighbours, the Prophet told that she would face hellfire. Another woman who was not very particular about ibadah but was good in her dealings with others, the Prophet told, would go to paradise.
Earlier, Abdullah Adnan talked about the aims and objectives of programmes being organised by the Religious Affairs Committee. He said that the aim is to present a holistic picture and highlight the practical approach of Islamic teachings.
“Islam offers a practical system of life, making individuals useful and responsible members of society and also making the society helpful for the realisation of peace and potential of its members,” he pointed.
A game-show and video clips was presented to highlight the importance of small acts, good or bad, and how they impact our daily life.
The Medical Wing of PAD, as part of its annual exercise to celebrate the International Labour Day, has planned a day long “health awareness camp” in Dubai on May 1.
The health awareness camp will be held at Al Meher Labour Camp, opposite Al Madinah Hyper Market, Al Qouz , Dubai. This activity is part of PAD’s social responsibility and welfare activities which create health awareness and motivate blue collar workers to adopt healthy lifestyle.
The association along with its medical wing has been excercising free medical camp for blue collar workers twice a year in different labour camps to create awareness and educate the workers on healthy lifestyle.

~ by jamilkhan on May 3, 2015.

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