Fun Day For DAC Kids

Hotel group organises fun-day for children of Dubai Autism Centre

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Apr 17, 2015

DUBAI: A group of special needs children from the Dubai Autism Centre (DAC) were the centre of attention at the day-long fun event organised by the management of three hotels as part of their CSR initiative to support local community.
The event that was held on Thursday at Villa Rotana, Dubai to provide activities to the children with special needs was organised by Villa, Rihab and Rimal Rotana. JAMIL-Hotels-Children-1
Joelle Najm, Family Counsellor from DAC while briefing the gathering through a presentation, highlighted various aspects to educate the people on autism.
While educating the gathering, she highlighted the autism symptoms in young children like lack of social interaction, communication barrier, repetitive behaviour and others. “These autistic children are usually unaware of their surroundings, having no sense of danger, sensory difficulties, no play interest with toys as well as having verbal communication difficulties with their family members,” she said.
She pointed that the DAC has been providing a wide range of services to around 54 students in which the majority are the boys as the ratio of autism in girls are less. “Currently we are having over 200 children on the waiting list and once the new building becomes operational in January next year, we will be able to extend our services to accommodate more students,” she said.
She asked people that if they saw any autistic children they should avoid staring at them directly and should talk simply to handle these kids in public places.
Employees and a group of 30 students from the DAC spent the day with a number of activities as the staff arranged various games with a superhero theme. The children from the centre were treated to an exciting and fun-filled day which included activities such as games with goodies, face painting and magic show, followed by a special lunch buffet.
Kinan Al Ghraoui, General Manager of Villa, Rihab and Rimal Rotana, said, “This event reflects the outstanding efforts of our staff from these three properties and contributions of community partners to support programmes that serve children with autism and to increase autism awareness in our local community.” He also mentioned that, “I’m proud to inform that, we have gone the extra mile to support this cause for a longer span of time, by instilling donation boxes for Dubai Autism Centre in the lobby at our properties, and also taken up the task of sponsoring the production of handmade greeting cards made by children at the centre and helping with their sales at each of our properties.”
Kinan also thanked the sponsors of the event Funky monkey, Sparkys for their constant support and making this event successful. The Dubai Autism Centre was founded in 2001 to become the largest, most innovative and comprehensive non-profit organisation in the UAE serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorders with a goal to successfully integrate children with autism into the community.

~ by jamilkhan on April 17, 2015.

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