Urdu Mushaira @ PAD On Mar 06

Two Pak poets to enthrall audience at PAD Urdu poetry session  

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Mar 02, 2015

DUBAI: Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) has organised a poetry evening and invited two prominent Pakistani poets – Dr Pirzada Qasim and Amjad Islam Amjad, to enthrall the audience and celebrate Resolution Day.
The ‘Jashan Pakistan’ poetry session will be held on the premises of the association to celebrate National Day along with a large number of community members and Urdu admirers from other Asian communities. The session will be held on March 6 in front of the newly completed multi-purpose hall.  The chief guests will be Javed Jalil Khattak, Consul General of Pakistan in Dubai, and Chaudhry Noorul Hassan Tanvir, a prominent community personality.   PAD mushaira
“The construction of the multi-purpose hall is almost complete, as some technical furnishing is still going on. The surroundings, including parking spaces, areas allocated for different outdoor sports activities, and landscaping have all been finalised and ready to host the open-air poetry session. We are expecting around 1,000 people from different communities especially Indians and other South Asian to enjoy the poetry session to be graced by two prominent Pakistani poets,” said Tariq Rahman, a senior official of PAD and organiser of the poetry session.
Qasim and Amjad are known all over the world and have attended a number of international poetry sessions. Tariq pointed that although the majority of the work on the hall has been completed, some small issues are being taken care of.  “This poetry session will be the first event to be held in the premises of newly hall and soon we are going to inaugurate this facility to open for Pakistani community,” he said.
Besides the guest poets from Pakistan, the audience at the session will be enthralled by the poetry by various UAE-based Urdu poets including Dr Sarwat Zahra, Zahoor Islam Javed, Dr Sabahat Asim Wasti, Farhad Jibrael, Zaheer Badar, Zeenat Lakhani, Asif Rasheed and others.
According to the organisers, the session will be a family event as play area will be set up for young children while food stalls and other facilities will be available to make the evening delightful for everyone.

~ by jamilkhan on March 2, 2015.

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