Centro Hosts Award Ceremony

Hotel hosts SM good hygiene ceremony
JAMIL-Certificate-Training-By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Jan06, 2015

SHARJAH: A group of 13 people from different organisations who completed their 5-day Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) training programme as master trainers have been awarded certificates by the Sharjah Municipality on Monday.
In this regard a ceremony was held at Centro Sharjah, by Rotana in which Dr Shaikha Rasha Al-Qasimi, Assistant Director-General for the Public Health Sector and Central Laboratories in the presence of Michael Kasch, General Manager at Centro Sharjah, government officials and representatives from Sharjah Municipality awarded the certificates among the winners.
The Sharjah Food Safety Programme (SFSP) is a government initiative being led by Dr Sheikha Rasha Al Qasimi. The programme is bringing food safety training, assessment, management system implementation, audit and certification to the food sector in the Emirate of Sharjah. The GHP programme which falls under the SFSP is a 5-day training course, delivered by PhD qualified instructors. This is Sharjah Municipality’s attempt to improve and maintain the standard of hygiene and quality at various food premises in the emirate.
Talking to The Gulf Today, Jisha Philip, master trainer course and representative of Centro Sharjah told that she along with 12 other participants from different food industry outlets attended the course and as part of its second phase they will train others in their respective organisations.
“For master trainers, it was a 5-day course but the staff members will be having a day-long training workshop and those who attended will be eligible to obtain a certificate from the Sharjah Municipality after passing an examination,” she said.
The food safety programme which will be delivered by master trainers in their respective organizations comprises to maintain international standard practice in the presence of regular in-depth evaluation with the industry involvement.
“To train a group of professionals as master trainers was the first phase and in the next phase more members will be inducted to train with the aim of achieving high standard in food safety practice,” said Dr Joanne Taylor from TSI, responsible for training in collaboration with the Sharjah Municipality.
Earlier, Michael Kasch, General Manager at Centro in his opening remark said that people from all over the world are coming Sharjah and providing them high standard food safety standards and services is our top priority.

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