Ilmasoft Develops ISIMS For Schools

Computer system cracks down on student truancy

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 22, 2014
DUBAI: Developers and computer software engineers in Dubai designed a unique computer solution for schools to cope with various issues, especially the maintaining of student attendance, while the parents of absent students will be informed via SMS as soon as a teacher completes the attendance.
The development has brought relief for teachers who face the very tiresome task of informing the parents of absent students.
“In a recent case, the school administration had admitted that it is not practically possible to make calls to the parents of absent children when the number reaches as high as 1,000 in some days. Keeping this in mind and other solutions for the teachers, parents and management of the schools, we at Ilmasoft has developed a complete solution, Ilma Smart Institute Management System (ISIMS),” said Syed Iftikhar Shah, CEO Ilmasoft, in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today on Sunday.
The Dubai-based Ilmasoft has been working on various projects especially developing mobile phone applications for various clients from educational instates to corporate sectors.
The ISIMS has been designed to address a wide range of solutions from easing the administrative task of organising classroom activities digitally.
“The system we designed will not only manage all activities online, but teachers will have the ability to organise classroom-based activities like timetables, notices, syllabi and other activities online, while student-related activities like attendance, fee submission, and report cards will also be available online to check at anytime,” he said.
Through this system, parents will be able to monitor the progress of their children by internet or through the use of mobile app operated by user ID and password access.
“In the last couple of days, we have tested this (ISIMS) module in-house and made it perfectly user friendly for teachers as well as parents. This system could be used by an individual school or by a chain of schools managing various campuses,” he said.
The software has been designed with the aim of informing the parents about the progress of their children online, making it easier for the school to inform parents about their kids absence via SMS as soon as the teacher finishes attendance. The data will be updated through a cloud-service and could be checked by parents with smart phones or tablets via app.
“Through this system, parents will be informed immediately, as the attendance is marked in the school early morning by a class teacher. If the absence is marked, immediate alert notifications will be sent to the parent’s smartphone and also an SMS to their phone numbers, indicating that their child is absent. This way if the child is missing, timely actions can be made,” elaborated Iftikhar Shah.
The other features of ISIMS will be accurate student attendance; automatic attendance collection; daily absentee reports sent to the parents and school management; and the generation of daily, monthly and yearly attendance reports.
Shah added that as they have tested the system with them now it is ready for schools to adopt. “Soon we are going to visit various schools to demonstrate this system and we are sure with the use of technology we can prevent any danger to our children, especially if there is a factor of negligence involved,” he added.

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