Zardari’s Policies Criticised

PPP cadres ask leadership to take care of workers, not the govt

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 12, 2014
DUBAI: Senior party workers of the Pakistan People Party (PPP) – including the former minister – showed great concern towards their party’s policies which favour the wrongdoings of current governments in the country, while also not playing their role as opposition members on the floor of parliament.
“The leadership seems to be playing the role of the B-Team of Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan’s Muslim League, while all opportunities to gain public sentiment in the current political situation just ignore the resulting gulf between the workers, public and the leadership. PPP is a party of the people, and if we are not doing it for the masses, we will be further cornered, even in our own stronghold areas like we saw in Punjab province during the last elections,” said by Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, former minister of the PPP government while addressing a gathering of workers in a local hotel in Dubai on Wednesday night.
She pointed out that the country is passing through a very tough time, especially the sit-in in the capital, and the confrontational incidents in different parts of the country between Imran Khan’s PTI workers and other parties.
“Asif Ali Zardari, the co-chairperson of the party is not taking any step in the favour of workers, but extending every support towards Nawaz Sharif, which is not good for the party and its workers,” she said  and argued on behalf of the workers for the leadership to act as the party had known in the past and bring Bilawal Zardari in front to lead the party and its workers.
She also condemned the police’s role in the Faisalabad incident in which one worker of the PTI was killed and the murder of another political worker in Sialkot had happened last week.
Asif Hashmi, a senior member of the party, demanded the leaders to give the government a tough time and to play the role of the opposition from the benches on the parliament’s floor.
He pointed out that throughout the country and abroad, workers are questioning the role of the party’s leadership, which is not a good sign as this is going to result in the party decreasing its hold on its constituents.
The reception was organised by Chaudhry Muhammad Shakeel, office bearer of PPP in UAE, while others who attended were Sardar Yaqoob, Munir Hans, Asif Hashmi and others.

~ by jamilkhan on December 13, 2014.

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