Peshawar-bound Flights Resume

Pakistanis relieved at resumption of airline’s flights to Peshawar

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 10, 2014

DUBAI: Community members of Pakistan residing in the UAE showed great relief as the national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines, (PIA) has announced resumption of Peshawar-bound flights from Dec 18, suspended for months.
Besides daily flights from Dubai to Peshawar, the officials at the national carrier also announced the revision of the baggage policy from 32kg to 40kg and an overall increase in the number of flights from 25 to 35 for various destinations in Pakistan.
The majority of the Pukhtoon community in UAE will be more benefited as according to the officials around 700,000 Pukhtoons are residing in different parts of the country in which a majority are in Abu Dhabi.
Syed Ishaq Hussain, Regional Manager, PIA, for the UAE, CIS, Turkey, Middle East & Africa, while talking to The Gulf Today, confirmed the announcement of the resuming of Peshawar-bound flights from Dec.18.
“The Peshawar-bound flights were disrupted  since May 1, as maintenance work at Dubai airport runway caused PIA flights to shift to Sharjah. The suspension of Peshawar-bound flights were causing huge problems for the community, especially the Pukhtoons who prefer their national carrier offering various facilities to other airlines,” he said.
The airline has also rescheduled the Karachi-bound flight timing to 7:30pm. The Peshawar-bound flights are scheduled at 12:40pm daily from Dubai Airport.
Currently the PIA is offering its countrymen daily flights to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad while three weekly flights operate from Sharjah to Turbat, Balochistan.
“PIA is in the revival phase and has the will to come up to the expectations of its passengers. As a representative of the national carrier, we are asking all Pakistanis in UAE to give the PIA another chance to prove that we will achieve the target and challenges we had in the past to serve the country,” Hussain said.
It is also mentioned that PIA is the only carrier which can offer free services to the Pakistani community in the UAE to take dead bodies of countrymen and one attendant free to Pakistan.
“Due to the suspension of Peshawar-bound flights, the free service for dead bodies and one attendant was also affected, as it was being mostly used by the Pukhtoon community from the Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province,” he said.
The national carrier was carrying on average 40 dead bodies to Pakistan every month in which most of them bounded to Peshawar.  The community members from different background in the UAE expressed great relief at the announcement.
“Indeed it is great news, not only for the national carrier as well as for whole the expat community. We are hopeful that PIA will make the nation proud with its best services,” said Sahibzada M. Taimur, a consultant by profession.
Muhammad Ayub Sabir, a sales & marketing manager in Dubai, said there would be more options for the community belonging to Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province especially Peshawar and its adjacent cities.
Arfan Majeed was satisfied with the increasing number of flights for Pakistan, cited as a great achievement for the national carrier.

~ by jamilkhan on December 13, 2014.

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