Moulinex’s Hekayat Elforn

‘Bake for a Cause’ launched in support of humanitarianism

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 10, 2014

DUBAI: Launched a couple of days ago, the French firm, known for manufacturing of kitchen items, has been witnessing a huge response and received a remarkable number of votes from the visitors on its online competition “Moulinex’s Hekayat Elforn”.
Moulinex, the renowned French manufacturer of small kitchen appliances, launched the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, “Bake for a Cause” for its online audience engagement and the winner who obtained most votes will be awarded cash prizes to support its favourite NGO.
Pauline Stephan, Marketing Director, Groupe SEB Middle East in a press statement said “based on the baking talents of four women, the ‘Bake for a Cause’ initiative was launched by Moulinex in order to encourage participants to deliver their best baking creations. The one accumulating the highest number of votes will be awarded by Moulinex a financial prize to go to the winning baker’s humanitarian foundation of choice,” she added.
The third season of Hekayat Elforn has four bakers on board – Louloua Elazzah from Saudi Arabia, Hala Ayash from the UAE; Nabila Al Ameri from Oman; and Maya Kenaan from Lebanon. Each of the women was required to bake a dessert to support a non-profit organisation that is close to her heart.
“I chose the humanitarian charity Al-Bir Society Jeddah as I’ve known it for a long time. I visited it during Ramadan and felt much love for the children there and became very attached to them,” said Louloua Elazzah from Saudi Arabia.
As for Hala Ayash, she chose the UAE-based Senses Organisation as it addresses children with special needs. “Most of us consider them different and we probably don’t give the attention and care that they deserve, but they’re actually not different from the rest of the kids. It’s just that they’re a bit less fortunate,” she said.
Meanwhile, Nabila Al Ameri from Oman opted for Dar Al Hanaan Association, a temporary home for children suffering from cancer. “I chose Dar Al Hannan for Moulinex’s Bake for a Cause campaign because it caters to the needs of children suffering from cancer. When I stepped into the association with the cupcakes, I felt that the kids were overjoyed. Their smiling faces and wide-open eyes made me so happy.”
Finally, in Lebanon, Maya Kenaan picked Hadanat al Tofel orphanage in her hometown Zahle. “I have a lot of memories at this orphanage. As a child, I used to visit a lot every year and loved playing with the kids there,” she recalls.
“Every time I see a smile on a child’s face, I feel very happy and grateful.”
The videos, which have attracted thousands of voters, have been broadcast online through the campaign’s website Hekayat El Forn ( are encouraged to look  for a baker with a cause to which they can relate the most.
Pauline Stephan explained that all voters will enter a raffle draw and hold a chance to win one of three Moulinex Master Chef Gourmet, a powerful kitchen machine that can whip eggs and batter, and knead a variety of dough. As seen throughout the videos, the four bakers used this versatile kitchen appliance to prepare their mouth-watering desserts, which included chocolate brownies, carrot cake, muffins, and vanilla cupcakes.
For the previous two seasons, there were two different themes. In its first one, Moulinex’s Hekayat Al Forn campaign focused on how one product – the Moulinex Master Chef Gourmet – helped 6 women pursue and achieve their dreams and establish successful business enterprises from their love of baking.

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