Youth sprawl support to rehab the pristine mangrove in UAE
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 08, 2014

DUBAI: A group of over 50 students carried out a unique climate action initiative at Ghantoot Reserve of Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG) to raise awareness on climate change.
The initiative was organised by Simran Vedvyas, Founder SynergY Youth Group and Country Ambassador COP in MyCity UAE 2014.
Held for the purpose of educating and fostering interest in climate change action by building a community of youth change-makers globally, the students carried out a cleanliness drive at the reserve and were involved in mangrove rehabilitation. They also took part in natural history scavenger hunts, creating art from collected waste, bird watching, and engaging in discussions on local heritage.
Students showed great interest to meet Major Ali Saqer Sultan Al Suwaidi, President of EMEG who visited the area while Dr Shahid Mustafa, a Senior Ecologist at EMEG reserve, explained the ecological features of marine and terrestrial biodiversity at the reserve.
The participants enthusiastically extracted climate change components that affect mangroves – including changes in sea-level, high water events, atmospheric CO2 concentration, ocean circulation patterns, health of functionally linked neighboring ecosystems, as well as human responses to climate change. The sea-level has been on the rise and human activities have contributed the most to global warming and pose a serious threat to this fragile ecosystem.
COP in MyCity Dubai 2014 in UAE has been organised by Simran Vedvyas, Founder of SynergY youth group and a student at The Universal American School, Dubai. Acting in her role as COP in MyCity (CIMS) Country Ambassador for the UAE, Simran Vedvyas comments “The generation of young people is the largest in history and as a result youth have a critical role to play in every aspect of life and society.
She added that “Our world is literally at the edge of the cliff, made ready to roll down by the adverse affects of climate change.  So it leaves us with two choices- either we let it roll down as it is going on or we take a collective effort to make some paradigm shift to pull it back and make it just, peaceful and sustainable for the better future not only for ourselves and our future generations to come.  I choose to join the fight against climate change because the only way to make sense and bring about change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
“I am confident that a few caring people can change the world.  Each one of us has a responsibility to live peacefully without jeopardising the natural resources,” she said and pointed that there are groups who are not doing enough for climate but only making tall claims.

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  1. Thank you Mr Khan for such a great report and support to youth
    We are grateful
    SynergY Team

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