Interview: Trevor Kuna-QNET

Firms extending CSR initiatives for Rashid kids to offer products online

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 07, 2014

DUBAI: Dubai is like a second home, and extending our support to local partners like Rashid Centre for the Disabled reflects our long-term corporate social responsibility initiatives to giving back to society. Products made by the students with disabilities are being sold online and the proceeds are to go to the centre.
This was stated by Trevor Kuna, the Chief Marketing Officer at QNET in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today in Dubai on Wednesday. Jamil-Corporate-Rashid
QNET, a leading online platform for selling a wide range of products, was established 16-years ago and its corporate social responsibility (CSR) is based on the philosophy of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind). The firm has more than 6 million customers, independent representatives, on their database.
Shedding light on its wide range of CSR initiatives, Kuna said that the founders of the Malaysian-based company, QNET believe that everybody in the world deserves an opportunity especially those who are in need.
“Besides focusing on the growth of the business, the founder of the company should not forget to pay attention to charity activities such as giving back to society. To extend CSR activities to all those in need, RYTHM foundation was set up in Malaysia and since then the firm is active in a wide range of charitable activities from helping people in disasters, supporting children’s education and others as the initiatives spread to Middle East,” he said.
He pointed that the UAE has been playing a great role in their growth to cover the whole Middle East and Northern African countries as the Mena region has approximately 35 per cent of their independent representatives.
“Dubai is our second home and we find Rashid Centre for the Disabled as a viable partner for our CSR activities and they are sharing the same values as we do like focusing on the education and training of special needs and developing their core skills. Through our partnership since November 2013 with the centre we are providing a variety of opportunities to the students with special needs from the centre like performing in front of our distributors, in an event recently held in Dubai, who sponsored a tour of Malaysia where these kids attended a series of events with our Malaysian school, Taraana, where children with learning difficulties are studying currently,” he said.
He also highlighted the first phase of launching products like Abaya and Oud by Rashid students which was launched in May through the UAE edition of QNET and also introduced this concept in Malaysia in September where distributors gathered from all over the world showed great interest in these products designs by not celebrity designers but a group of students with special needs.
“Soon a latest range of new designs of Abayas by Rashid students will be available online globally besides other products as there are many online customers not only showing great interest in these products but also buying to acknowledge the hidden talent of these students as all the proceeds generated to these products will be given to the Centre,” he added.
However, pointing to other services, Trevor Kuna added that their online platform has been witnessing a huge attention from the students from UAE as well as other countries in Mena region to get benefit from the wide range of education courses.
“In 2015, the QNET will organise a series of events to spread the e-learning platform to more people in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other countries as the courses from certificate programmes to degree programmes are being offering here are not only affordable, time flexible but also recognised by leading international universities,” he said.

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