Interview: McDonald’s Rafic Fakih

Food brand expands CSR initiatives to benefit more people

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Nov 26, 2014

DUBAI: There are very few companies, especially in the food and beverage (F&B) sector, which have achieved milestones in protecting and conserving the local environment. An ongoing tree plantation campaign and some bio-diesel initiatives are some of the few initiatives aimed at benefiting the public launched by McDonald’s.
This was stated by Rafic Fakih, Managing Director and Partner of McDonald’s UAE, in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today in Dubai on Tuesday. He highlighted the overall growth of the international food brand which has seen remarkable growth in the country which started its first outlet in 1994 and has now over 120 restaurants all over the country.
“As part of our recently launched ‘Planting A Greener Future’ tree plantation campaign, we in collaboration with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), planted 100 trees and converted a huge portion of land into a lush green area in two schools, each in one emirates and the rest of the schools in other emirates to be carried out accordingly with the participation of school teachers, students and staff as well as volunteers from the McDonald’s,” he said.
The firm, McDonald’s-UAE since its operation in the country has been a pioneer in a number of CSR initiatives including the launch of CSR Arabia Award as a founding member, producing bio-diesel through the in-house waste and fuelling its fleet of supply trucks, financial support for Bait Al Khair.
“We have been printing 50,000 story books for children in the Holy Month of Ramadan for the last 5 years and being distributing to the community as part of our CSR initiative as these storybooks are being produced every year to engage writers,” he said.
Fakih pointed that they are the only firm in the country to provide all the nutrition facts. “At our restaurants, customers know about their food with the help of nutrition labels. It provides details about their food as part of our international practice to educate consumers.
“Other initiatives use modern modes of technology like smartphones and digital mapping to benefit the local population, especially restaurant goers,” he added.
He pointed out that McDonald’s has been actively participating in the National Day parade being held at the Downtown Dubai. This year will see greater participation as more staff members will be volunteering.

~ by jamilkhan on November 26, 2014.

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