Sheema Kermani In Dubai

Top Pakistani artist highlights importance of performing arts

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Oct 20, 2014

DUBAI: Performing arts are one of the best modes of communication to educate and raise awareness on certain issues especially in the communities where people have less education. Parents should encourage their young children, especially students, to adopt performing arts at an early age.
This was stated by the well-known Pakistani artist and performer, Sheema Kermani, while talking to The Gulf Today in Dubai on Sunday. Kermani has been known for her services in performing arts as well as advocating women issues through her non-profit organisation, Tehrik-e-Niswan (Women’s Movement) established in 1979 in Karachi. Kermani
Through the platform of the organisation, she along with a group of other women activists regularly conduct workshops taking up issues like “violence against women”, “Chaddar and Chardiwari” and others on different platforms while also conducting theatrical performances to highlight women’s related issues and raising awareness among masses.
The group led by Kermani consists of young girls and boys performing dance, drama and music as theatre and street shows not only in different parts of Pakistan but also to critical acclaim all over the world including the USA, the UK, different European Union countries, India, Bangladesh, Iraq and Korea.
Responding to a question, she pointed out that the Tehrik-e-Niswan (Women’s Movement) has developed strong alliances with other organisations that work for the empowerment of women at the grassroots level.
“Since the last 10 years the organisation has been associated with Pakistan National Forum for Women’s Health as well as worked with the National Health Association in the US to tour in performances all over the US for the purposes of generating funds for Koohi Goth in Karachi.”
She said they struggle to spread peace, justice and equality through their theatre performances and are striving to set up a huge Culture Centre in Karachi, as the shows raise funds throughout the year. “Our aim is to set up a place where people can easily perform their cultural shows and spread the message of peace. We want to raise enough funds in the next two years to start work on this unique but long awaited project to benefit a large segment of the society. The Culture Centre will provide professional cultural education through training and specialised workshops as well as giving the city of Karachi a much needed performance space in the form of an auditorium,” she told.
Kermani’s organisation is involved in a two-year campaign with international organisations to create awareness about health issues related to women, especially in low-income and rural areas. “Through this campaign, the group under the organisation will be creating and performing street theatre and highlighting these issues, followed by workshops by specialists and other medical professionals to educate and counsel,” she added.
She, along with her troupe, also performed at Ducat in the Mall of the Emirates on Saturday night and enthralled a mixed audience from different Asian countries through her classical dance and theatre performances.

~ by jamilkhan on October 20, 2014.

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