Short Film Competition

Students asked to participate in Human Rights Short Film Competition

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 16, 2014

DUBAI: Students from all over the UAE are invited to participate in a short film competition organised by the Human Rights Sector, at the Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai as the top three winners will be awarded cash prizes.
The finalists will be announced on Dec.10 on the occasion of International Child Rights Day.
In a press conference held at the CDA head office in Dubai, Khaled Al Kamda, the director-general of CDA and Maitha Al Shamsi, CEO, Human Rights Sector unveil the details in the presence of senior officials and mediapersons on Monday.
The competition, which selected ‘child rights’ to be its main topic, will be divided into four categories; child rights in education, healthcare, protection from abuse, negligence and exploitation as well as the rights of children with disabilities.
CDA called male and female students to submit their entries individually or as groups before Nov.20, where the jury will select the three first winners of each category.
Spreading the awareness about child rights is a key objective that CDA is aiming at, by targetting youth through this competition, the authority is hoping to raise a generation that is fully aware of human rights in general and child rights in particular and knows its duties toward building a modern society.
Khaled Al Kamda, the director-general of CDA addressing the gathering, said, “Educating youth about human rights issues and encouraging their involvement in spreading awareness and finding solutions, is crucial to create a community that respects and protects human rights. Launching the human rights short film competition among university students has direct and indirect objectives. In addition to creating awareness about several aspects of child rights, working on these videos will create a sense of connectivity between the youth and the community issues; they will experience the responsibility for the matters happening in their environment and be more encouraged to provide ideas and solutions to them.”
The Human Rights Sector will start soon a series of workshops and seminars in collaboration with colleges and universities to explain further to the students about the competition categories and conditions.
The laws and agreements related to child’s rights locally and the global conventions of child’s rights, that the UAE is involved in, will also be discussed.
Maitha Al Shamsi, CEO, Human Rights Sector said, “Engaging the skills, innovation and creativity of university students will help raise awareness and we believe that through the creative medium of short film the students will be able to translate the key child rights messages in a way which will attract and educate the wider audience and which ultimately contributes to the development of the society as a whole,” she added.

~ by jamilkhan on September 21, 2014.

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