Cattle Market – Dubai

Dubai cattle market traders gear up for Eid Al Adha

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 20, 2014

DUBAI: On the impending occasion of Eid Al Adha, more and more people have been visiting the cattle markets to find out the latest prices of sacrificial animals to fulfil the obligation as part of the religious duty to mark the festival of sacrifice.
The Eid Al Adha, widely known as the ‘festival of sacrifice’, is observed on the 10th day of Zull Hajj, which is expected to fall either on Oct.4 or 5 wherein Muslims all over the world will sacrifice an animal.
In Dubai, the permanently established main cattle market in Qusais area has been catering to the needs of the faithful with varieties of animals brought as far as from Pakistan, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.
In a recent survey, it was found that traders in the Emirate’s largest market of sacrificial animals are still waiting for customers as well as their livestock being en route from different neighbouring countries to fulfil the local demands.
Ghulam Abbas, a trader for more than a decade in this market, pointed that they are idle ahead of Eid and the momentum of the sale will pick up after next week. “What we have seen in this market is different as compared to our hometown in Pakistan where customers start purchasing  sacrificial animals weeks ahead of Eid and take good care of them. Here, the substantial number of people who wish to perform a sacrifice are either living in apartments or villas with limited options to take care of an animal,” he said.
He further pointed that people in majority prefer to buy their favourite animals only a couple of days ahead of Eid while those who purchase big animals like camel or ox prefer to utilise the option of keeping them in the market and pay the traders for taking care of them till they can be sacrificed.
Shabbir pointed out that currently the prices of goats from Somalia and India stand at around Dhs500 to Dhs650 as most of the stocks are young animals.
“Normally people buy a goat or sheep of 1 year or so which will cost them around Dhs900 to Dhs1300 depending on the weight and age during Eid days. The demand and supply ratio in the market also impact the prices as sometimes traders get a huge stock and have to sell the maximum they can thereby compromising on the prices,” he added.
Another trader Abid, who keeps big animals like oxen, pointed that the stock brought from Somalia is sold at around Dhs3500 to Dhs6000 depending on the size and weight while a few from Pakistan are sold for as high as Dhs20,000 due to their huge size and enormous weight.
“There are many Pakistanis, Indians and others workers who pool their share and buy big animals as the abbatoir being operated by municipality caters to the needs of slaughtering on the Eid day for all to enjoy the meat,” he added.

~ by jamilkhan on September 21, 2014.

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