Workshop By Your Bigger Impact

Workshop held for overcoming stress, enriching life

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 08, 2014

DUBAI: Everyone in general and professionals in particular have an abundance of stress factors in their lives which engulf them from early morning till late evening.
There is a need to adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle and give ourselves due attention.
Addressing a gathering of a workshop, Rudra Dev, Managing Director of Your Bigger Impact (YBI), told the audience about the latest research and scientific studies that show how to overcome stress factors in daily life.
It also discussed how to enjoy more time with friends and family and improve relationships and brings positive changes to businesses as well.

Increase resilience
The workshop was organised at the Ramada Jumeirah Hotel and attended by professionals and business persons from different fields with the aim of learning about time management, techniques to overcome stress, and how to be more productive.
“Everyone has a large number of stress factors in his or her life either at home, office, with relatives, friends and others.
“Through a number of ways, we are helping participants to identify the reasons and increase our resilience to make our lives more productive,” he said while talking to The Gulf today on the sidelines of the workshop.
Dev who has been organising leadership workshops for professionals and businessmen for the last couple of years have also started a 90-day training programme full of fun-based learning activities.
“In addressing the stress issue, we impart to our participants three steps to handle the stress finding out the causes, re-work inside and set priorities. Through these steps, the participants were asked to adopt different ways like 1-minute, 2-minute and Stop Rules, which aim at giving people more importance and time,” he said.
He pointed out that meditation is a major factor in improving brain power, and that there are many ways to mediate, even while walking or eating.
Under the YBI, Dev has engaged a number of groups in different activities to control stress and adopt healthy habits for more productive lifestyles.

~ by jamilkhan on September 10, 2014.

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