Bazm-e-Urdu Organizes Mushaira

Indo-Pak poetry session opens tomorrow

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Aug 21, 2014

DUBAI: Bazm-e-Urdu (Urdu symposium), a non-profit organisation, has announced a grand Urdu Mushaira (poetry session) with participation from Indian, Pakistani and UAE-based poets with the aim of globally promoting the Urdu language.
The poetry session will be held on Friday at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Indian High School, at its Dubai premises on Oud Metha Road.
The celebration is being held in honour of the independence days of India and Pakistan, the birthplace of Urdu. Millions of people in both countries as well as others all over the world speak the language. The session will be attended by 15 prominent poets from India, Pakistan and the UAE, including Gulzar Dehlavi, Nida Fazli, Abbas Tabish, Jalees Sherwani, Sarwat Zehra, Mumtaz Saleem, Khalid Sajjad and others. The chief guest for the occasion will be Mahesh Bhatt, a prominent contemporary Bollywood director.
The organisation is run by volunteers who are professionals working full time for various corporations and multinational companies. In their spare time, they contribute to promoting the Urdu language which is part of their inspiring and culturally rich heritage. Bazm-e-Urdu’s purpose is to restore Urdu to its proper place and give it the prominence it deserves.
Rehan Khan, the founder of Bazm-E-Urdu, said: “We plan to collaborate with intellectuals and celebrities who can help us get this message across to the masses. This will help promote the Urdu language in the long run. We will be conducting programmes such as workshops and group discussions which will further the cause of Urdu appreciation,” he added.
The event will be by invitation only, as the organisers are expecting a huge turnout because of the large expatriate population from India and Pakistan residing in the UAE who always come forward to attend Urdu poetry sessions.
However, Bazm-e-Urdu has also decided to start an annual award for an individual or organisation in recognition of their efforts and work in promoting the Urdu language. The award is being named in memory of a renowned poet, Josh Malihabadi, and will be called the “Josh-e-Urdu Award for service to Urdu”.
Josh Malihabadi was a revolutionary poet from a town called Malihabad near Lucknow in India. He was a freedom fighter and moved to Pakistan after Partition. His contribution to the Urdu language inspired the organisers to use his name on the award.
Khan pointed that Bazm-e-Urdu assures that they will achieve the aim of spreading this lyrical language to as many people as possible.
“The Bazm-e-Urdu has also decided to conduct the Urdu poetry session annually in Dubai on the occasion of Indo-Pak Independence Day,” he added.

~ by jamilkhan on August 21, 2014.

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