Centro Rotana Drive

Clothes collected in ‘Cupboard Clean Up’ drive to support the deprived

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Aug 13, 2014

SHARJAH: As part of its unique charity initiative – Cupboard Clean Up campaign – guests and workers of a local hotel in Sharjah have collected a huge amount of clothes and linen to donate it to less privileged people through the Sharjah Charity International.
In a simple ceremony held at its premises on Tuesday, Michael Kasch, General Manager of Centro Sharjah, handed over the collected items to Khalil Ibrahim Alhaj, a senior official from the charity association in the presence of senior hotel managerial staff. The hotel organised the clothes donation drive to help less fortunate people across the world through Sharjah Charity International while a number of other initiatives under the umbrella of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) are being carried out throughout the year to extend support towards deserving people as well as for the students with special needs.
The campaign focuses on reducing unwanted clothes of guests and workers and linen from the hotel that could still be used by others. The hotel gathered a huge amount of mixed used, new clothes and linen and donated to Sharjah Charity International as the beneficiary that will be responsible in distributing to different parts of the world. It further aims to have a sense of responsibility to help poor people.
Kasch said, “Initiating the Cupboard Clean Up Campaign and involving our employees to participate in the event is in line with Rotana Life that demonstrated our leadership to maintain colleagues awareness on our social responsibility. We believed that a social activity like this strengthens our cooperation across the country in supporting and helping less fortunate people.”
He further pointed that it is a great privilege to extend our support to Sharjah Charity International as we would like to stand against poverty by donating unwanted clothes, as we believe that one man’s old shirt is another man’s new start.”
On the occasion, Alhaj said to The Gulf Today said that they are delighted about the initiative of “Cupboard Clean Up” that involved guests and workers of the facility and collected unwanted clothes and linen to support needy people. “Currently we are engaged with different corporate organisations that collects clothes and other necessary items and hands it over to us and then we distribute it among the less privileged people in the UAE,” he said.
The Sharjah Charity International has also been supporting needy people in different refugee camps in various countries around the Middle East, especially providing daily need items to Syrian refugees with the support of individuals and corporate sectors.

~ by jamilkhan on August 13, 2014.

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