Law Firm On Expansion

Law firm plans international tie-up

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Apr 09, 2014

DUBAI: Ali Abdulla Al Shamsi, who got the “Best Lawyer” award from Dubai Courts in 2008, has stated that his company will partner with two prestigious international corporate law firms this year.
In an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today, Al Shamsi shed light on the journey of the law firm he established in 1991 in Dubai.
Al Shamsi got his law degree from Al Ain University in 1985-86 and initially worked with the Dubai Government till 1991. Later, he established his own law firm, Ali Al Shamsi Law Practicising, in 1991 in Dubai to provide legal advice, with the extensive experience he gained while working with the Dubai government.
 A number of lawyers joined him and he expanded the horizon of the firm to cater to the legal needs of customers in other sectors. The establishment was renamed Al Shamsi & Partners and became one of the most prominent law firms in the country.
“I started this firm alone and now we are a team of 15 partners. Each one is an expert in his own field, either criminal or civil category. With the expansion of our clients from the country as well as outside, we are planning to partner with two prestigious corporate law firms,” he added, declining to name the firms.
The UAE has a huge number of law firms dealing with cases in criminal as well as civil categories. “We have huge competition, but we are growing because of our team of experts and our commitment to provide the best services,” he pointed out.
Al Shamsi hopes his will be the first law firm in the country to be bestowed with ISO Certification. “We are working to fulfil the requirements and hopefully we will get this award soon.”

~ by jamilkhan on April 12, 2014.

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