Interview: QNET-Khaled Diab-II

Special needs kids flex entrepreneurial muscles

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Apr 05, 2014

DUBAI: Children with special needs from the Rashid Centre for the Disabled will soon have an opportunity of a unique partnership with e-commerce platform, the QNET, ready to sell their products globally and earn a respectful recognition for them.
In this regard, a partnership between the Rashid Centre and the QNET was signed to utilise the potential of special needs children in designing and manufacturing products like abayas and traditional fragrances.
Khaled Diab, Regional General Manager at Mena, QNET told The Gulf Today an agreement with the centre has been completed and will support these children.
The Rashid Centre has a huge training workshop on its premises. Many students with special needs are producing a number of products and learning skills from their teachers. The product range is photo frames, tableware, decoration items, wooden fancy boxes, abayas, ethnic jewellery products and a number of bakery items.
“During a recent visit to the Centre, we found that children with special needs at the centre manufacture abayas with unique designs which could easily be sold online. Through this partnership, we will ask these children to create more designs every 3-4 months, and these new designs will be showcased online as well as the perfumes being manufacturing by the centre’s students,” he added.
QNET will buy products like abayas, perfumes and Oud, a traditional fragrance, designed and manufactured by the Rashid Centre students, and then sell them on the platform of QNET’s direct selling.
He also informed them that a couple of varieties of perfumes made by the Rashid Centre’s students are in the testing phase by a group of users, and soon the line of perfumes will also be on sale at QNET’s platform.
“The Rashid Centre through its comprehensive approach has honed the skills of these special needs children. Many young students are capable of designing abayas in many different ways and could be sold easily worldwide through the internet. These children have the power of designing, and we have the power of marketing and selling, and the joint venture will capture the attention of the entire world,” he said.
The long-term partnership will also help the centre raise funds for itself as well as recognise its talented students who possess a variety of capabilities. A portion of the proceeds from the QNET sale will be handed over to the Centre, he said.
Khaled Diab added that last year on its 15th anniversary, QNET has launched 15 campaigns in 15 countries.
“In the UAE, we provided 5 water purifiers to a number of labour camps and portable water to over 15,000 workers,” he added.
Besides these partnerships with local organisations, QNET has also been extending its support to orphans and monthly food packages to deserving families in Ramadan.

~ by jamilkhan on April 6, 2014.

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