Iconic Exhibition

Iconic exhibition to showcase over 60 years of Seddiqi family history
ImageBy Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Apr 03, 2014

DUBAI: A large number of people from different walks of life took part in the iconic exhibition of a number of artifacts including vintage watches, personal items, travel documents and most importantly the history of Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons family.
Many of the personal items displaying at the exhibition were never seen before like memorabilia and collectibles from family archives.
The exhibition opened at the North Gallery of the Mall of the Emirates on Wednesday and will continue till April 9 to give a chance to visitors to admire the collection of vintage watches and other personal items of the man who set up a successful company of luxury watches in 1917.
The firm, known as Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons, is the region’s leading luxury timepiece retailer with over 60 years of history in the UAE.
They are credited with being the driving force in the deepening and strengthening of the region’s timepiece industry holding the first ever such exhibition to showcase the historical items from the private family archives.
The historical objects have been handpicked to depict the journey and rise of the Seddiqi family from one single store operation in the 1950s to the powerhouse that it is now, as well as include personal effects of the late founder Ahmed Qasim Seddiqi that have deep historical and personal value.
Abdulmagied Seddiqi, chairman, Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons, on the occasion of opening the exhibition said, “My father, the late Ahmed Qasim Seddiqi, was a man whose vision lives on through the Seddiqi brand and still guides our paths today — his teachings, principles and ethics are the cornerstone of how we do business and we wanted to acknowledge him and share our journey with everyone. This exhibition is going to showcase items that have deep personal significance, but also memorabilia from a time that no longer exists — original documents, photographs, old typewriter, identification seals and stamps, as well as my father’s walking cane, reading glasses and many other personal items.
“These have never been seen outside the family, but as we embark upon a new chapter in the history of the company, we must embrace and share our past as well,” he added.
The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the evolution of one man’s vision and how his passion created a community that is connected by their appreciation and love for the art of horology.
Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the past through the personal archive of the Seddiqi family that will be shown during the week-long exhibition.

~ by jamilkhan on April 3, 2014.

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