Interview: Director Al Noor Centre

Sensory integration therapy must for every ‘special’ kid: Al Noor

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Mar 30, 2014

DUBAI: Early intervention plays a major role in addressing the issues among the newborn.
Primary lack of action could be avoided as the sensory integration therapy given by the professional staff for children with special needs is witnessing major improvements in their daily lives.
Isphana Al Khatib, director of Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs, said this in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today.Image
“Most of our students have some signs of injuries in their brains and the integration needed to act normally is not happening. The Sensory Integration Therapy ensures that these students through the targeting training get their muscle trained and act as normal,” she added.
The Al Noor Centre has been imparting training to around 270 students enrolled in the centre with the age group ranging from 3 years to 18 years.
She said that the sensory integration is part of occupational therapy and when it comes to our physically movement, sensory integration is very important.
“In special needs children sometimes it comes from genetic or in some cases the problem develops after birth like in case of cerebral palsy (CP).
“In this case, a child has tight muscles and if the parents know this at an early stage, it can be detected. Once the muscles are contracted it turns into a very difficult position and results in different kind of problems,” she explained.
Al Khatib, who has a master’s degree in special education, highlighted the importance of early diagnosis.
“Early diagnosis is very important as parents when they were unable to see the milestones (responding, gestures, sound) with the age of a child they consulted a physician and through their consultation, these young children were given specific therapy training,” she added.
Deepika Gopalarao, head of department of communication, said that they are providing sensory integration therapy to all students of the centre by trained therapists.
“The staff visit classrooms daily and conduct therapy sessions devised on the individual needs,” she added.
The centre has three major therapy sections with each having 6 professional therapists.
The sections including physical therapy, speech-language therapy and occupational therapy also deal with non-students.
However, Al Noor Centre has been involved in a number of events to raise awareness as well as funds to run the operation smoothly.
Annual events like fun fair, gala dinner and other activities were organised regularly to generate funds and bring society on board to extend their generous support.
“In the last 33 years, we approached many and the response was great and still we have partnership with many organisations to get their regular support in terms of finance as well as moral. The recent partnership with Samsung is also a major support in multi-levels as they donated a number of electronic gadgets to our children who are enjoying their training through smart devices,” Al Khatib highlighted.

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