Naqsh’s Work Exhibits @ DIFC

Solo exhibition by Pakistani artist opens

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Mar 25, 2014

DUBAI: “The Painted Word”, a collection of around 102 paintings of calligraphy by noted Pakistani artist Jamil Naqsh has opened and is receiving a huge response from the art admirers based in Dubai.
The 6-day exhibition opened at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Atrium’s Albemarle Gallery, London in collaboration with Dubai-based Poetic Strokes.
The opening night was attended by Tony Pontone, founding director of the Albemarle Gallery, prominent art critic Marjorie Husain as special guest, artist Mona Naqsh, daughter of Jamil Naqsh along with people from Pakistani and other Dubai-based communities.
The exhibition is the first solo show by the artist to display his calligraphic paintings and it coincides with Art Dubai.
Pontone, while talking to The Gulf Today, said that his gallery has over 400 paintings by Jamil Naqsh and during the recent display in London they have sold around 30 per cent of the stock.
“There is no doubt about the high-quality of artwork by Naqsh – either his portraits, landscapes or calligraphic work to portraying Quranic verses, 99 names of Allah or just Arabic letters. He (Naqsh) has a great reputation among the art lovers all over the world and we are assured that from the present 102 paintings, we will sell most of his work in Dubai,” he said.
Ayesha Imtiaz has been engaged in promoting Pakistani artists in Dubai for a long time and in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today, on the sidelines of the exhibition, shared different aspects of the Pakistani art and the local art admirers.
“The exhibition of Jamil Naqsh’s latest calligraphic work under the theme of The Painted Word was first held in London by Albemarle Gallery during the 2013 summer and for the last one year I was trying to bring this exhibition in Dubai. Finally during Art Dubai, everything was finalised and we launched the show for six days,” she added.
“Naqsh is an established Pakistani artist currently based in London and also widely known among art lovers all over the world. That is the main reason people from different nationalities are here at the DIFC which is art centre-point in Dubai,” she told.

~ by jamilkhan on March 25, 2014.

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