The Painted Word Mar 22-27 @ DIFC

Pakistani artist to showcase paintings in Dubai
ImageBy Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Mar 15, 2014

DUBAI: Noted Pakistani artist Jamil Naqsh is all set to showcase his work in a first solo exhibition in Dubai. The exhibition will display his latest calligraphy paintings called “The Painted Word”.
The six-day show will be held at the DIFC Atrium from March.22-27, coinciding with the ever-evolving Art Dubai and Art Week.
This exclusive show in Dubai is being organised and coordinated by Ayesha Imtiaz from Poetic Strokes.
Throughout the summer of 2013, The Painted Word was exhibited in both Albemarle Gallery and Asia House in London. The exhibition, different from his earlier figurative works, represents Naqsh’s personal interpretation of the Arabic script.
The paintings are predominantly abstract, bold and imbued with vibrant colour and texture.
Included in the exhibition are Naqsh’s painting with the 99 Names of Allah along with 50 further works that represent verses in praise of God.
The works do not merely spell out a meaning — they invite both meditation and speculation.
It is not simply that Naqsh has turned to these forms as a basis for his paintings. It is also that he is a trained calligrapher, with a thorough understanding of the various styles that leading calligraphers have employed through the centuries.
What Naqsh’s paintings based on Arabic calligraphy do is to return art to society — they restore the broken link.
The Dubai show of 100 paintings is a representative collection of the principal themes of the London Show: abstract interpretation of the Arabic script, the 99 Names of Allah and Verses in praise of God.
These works have been selected, curated and catalogued by Tony Pontone, founding director of the Albemarle Gallery, with catalogue text by the eminent Art Historian, Edward Lucie-Smith.
This catalogue, along with the published hardback book of the London show, will accompany the Dubai exhibition.
Albemarle Gallery has also invited Marjorie Husain as a special guest for the show.
Marjorie Husain is an integral part of the Pakistani art scene for over four decades. An artist, art critic, curator, writer, documenter and a lecturer, she has curated and organised art exhibitions around the world and her writings have been published in many major newspapers and magazines.
She has researched Naqsh’s art over the last many years and in the process, become an authority on his work. Her books, “Jamil Naqsh: Pakistan’s Modern Master”, “Modern Manuscripts” and “Beyond Words” are a compilation of her extensive study on Naqsh’s works.
During the show Marjorie will share her insight into Naqsh’s work and trace the evolution of one of the legendary living masters from Pakistan.
Albemarle Gallery is one of the most respected galleries in London, having a reputation for introducing exciting contemporary paintings and stunning sculpture installations from established international artists.
Poetic Strokes, established by Ayesha Imtiaz, aims to promote Pakistani art in all its forms to the international market.
Ayesha has curated several exhibitions promoting the works of masters as well as promising young artists, collaborating with the local art scene in the UAE.

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