New Vision – An Exhibition

Crowds throng exhibition of Pakistani women artists
By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Mar 15, 2014

DUBAI: Pakistani art lovers should be investing in Pakistani artworks which could potentially play a significant role in portraying a positive image of the country, especially overseas.
This was a suggestion to fellow citizens by Javed Malik, Ambassador and Prime Minister’s special envoy, who was chief guest at an art exhibition titled ‘New Vision,’ held in Dubai.
The exhibition of paintings by five prominent, young and emerging female artists is being held at the Mussawir Art Gallery, Dubai. A large number of dignitaries from within the community as well as art admirers from expatriate communities from within Dubai and other emirates were in attendance. The group exhibition of artworks will be on show till March 27.
“Pakistani art enjoys a good standing in the international market and the contemporary artists showcasing their work at this exhibition have been recognised all over the country for their talent in the field,” Malik said.
He also reminded the community that by investing in Pakistani artworks, they would be supporting the artists as well.
The ‘New Vision’ exhibition is one among a series of shows being hosted by the Mussawir Art Gallery in an effort to promote Pakistani artists in the international market by providing them the exposure which they stand to get through the large number of art collectors and admirers from different nationalities that visit the gallery.
“Each country has its unique speciality, with artists hailing from that country having their own distinct style. In this regard, the Pakistani artists are renowned for their unique approach to portrait and calligraphy paintings,” said M Ramzan, the CEO of the Mussawir Art Gallery.
The five female contemporary artists displaying at the exhibition are Annem Afzaal Zaidi, Dua Abbas, Sarah Hashmim, Saba Zahid and Sadaf Naeem.
Ramzan said the exhibition is being thronged by a huge number of visitors showing a good deal of support for the Pakistani artists and their artworks on show.
“The UAE market is different as we have art admirers from different nationalities, each of whom look for something different. While the local art lovers invest in calligraphic work, those from other communities are shown to evince interest in portraits and other paintings,” he added.
Next on the gallery’s agenda is to bring the calligraphic work by prominent Pakistani artist Mashkoor Raza in April by way of a solo exhibition that will have on show a large number of calligraphic artworks.

~ by jamilkhan on March 15, 2014.

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