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11 new services announced for VIP real estate customers

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Mar 10, 2014

DUBAI: A package of 11 new services to cater to the needs of VIP real estate customers has been launched as the demand in the real sector has been increasing with every passing day.
The new services, have been launched by I Trust, the operator of the largest Ameen Real Estate registration approved by the Dubai Land Department.
The range of new services provided to customers includes sales, part sale and deferred sale, in addition to mortgage, foreclosure, first leasing and leasing contract breaking besides lease to purchase agreements, leasing contracts agreement, donations and partial donations.
Majed Al Suwaidi, the Managing Director of I Trust said: “We are proud to offer the high-level of services to our customers at the dedicated VIP Customer Centre located in Times Square on Sheikh Zayed Road. The range of new services will be delivered within a short time and easily accessed by the customer, in addition we also offer free additional services such as Limousine transport, and extended over time working hours as well as opening our doors during holidays. However, the centre offers as well free parking slots to its customers.”
Al Suwaidi expressed that the new and previous services provided by the center save both time and money to the customer, pointing out that the center and through his highly qualified staff aims to help customers to get their work done in the field of real estate registration on priority basis during flexible time that fit the nature of their job, through receiving customers from 8am until 10 pm.
Al Suwaidi said that the lifestyle in Dubai imposes speed and accuracy in work, especially in the real estate sector which is considered essential and important to the economy of the emirate.
He pointed out that the real estate market in Dubai is growing steadily, which requires the existence of mechanisms to cope with this growth and support it to reach sustainable growth , and this is what our center is working on, in order to provide the best practices, our slogan is providing VIP services for all our clients offered by a team of dynamic and highly experienced  staff  eager to provide the best of services.
The I Trust Centre has been providing services to the customers since it opened in mid-January after inaugurated by Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

~ by jamilkhan on March 10, 2014.

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